Azimut S8, brimming with charm

Azimut S8, brimming with charm

S8 adopts the new style codes expressed by Mancini in this extraordinary Collection, in which he interprets drive, modernity and sportiness in their most sophisticated and intriguing sense. Highly innovative technology, combining the extensive use of Carbon Tech with a triple installation.





  • Above viewAbove view
  • Main deckMain deck
  • Lower deckLower deck


Carbon-tech generation

The use of carbon fibre is a construction choice that allows volumes and surfaces to be increased in size while keeping the same weight, therefore maintaining excellent levels of dynamic stability.
Carbon fiber lamination is applied to:

  • deck
  • superstructure (hybrid)
  • platform/transom

Triple IPS propulsion

Triple Volvo IPS propulsion system installed on hydrodinamic optimized hull shape

  • Superior manoeuverability
  • Minimum noise and viration level
  • Best fuel efficiency (up to 35% reduction compared to shaft line)

Active Trim Control

Interceptor technology provides a smooth, precise Auto mode that automatically takes care of all trim adjustments. It delivers trouble-free handling and a system without corrosion or leaking oil.

Integrated Control Panel

The integrated control system by Raymarine has been customised to increase control potential: from engine data and alarms, to bilge and water discharge pumps, tank levels and engine room ventilation, right through to the sound system and the air conditioning units. The system can be accessed from both helm stations and remotely from a tablet.

Joystick driving

Steer your boat at all speeds with the joystick.

  • Comfortable and safe driving
  • Enables ergonomic helm solutions
  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface
  • Perfect response and control

Características técnicas

Datos técnicos principales
Eslora total (incluido púlpito)24,63 m (80’ 10’’)
Longitud del casco (incluida la plataforma)22,98 m (75’ 5’’)
Manga en la sección maxima5,55 m (18’ 3’’)
Calado (incluidos los puntales a plena carga)1,75 m (5’ 9’’)
Desplazamiento (a plena carga)58 t (127.867 lb)
Material de construcciónCarbon fiber + GRP
Estilismo exterior y conceptoAlberto Mancini
Diseñador de interioresFrancesco Guida
ConstructorAzimut Yachts
Camarotes4 + 2 crew
Literas8 + 2 crew
Aseos de popa4 + 1
Motores3 x VOLVO IPS 1350 (1000 mHp)
Velocidad máxima (masa de prueba funcional)up to 34 kn
Velocidad de crucero (masa de prueba funcional)up to 28 kn
Capacidad de tanques.
Capacidad depósito combustible4000 l (1056 US Gal)
Capacidad depósito agua1100 l (291 US Gal)

Datos se refiere a UNI ISO 8666 condiciones

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